Friday, March 25, 2011

I Got My Suffix!

No, I haven't joined a convent... 

Last night I donned a very Harry Potter-esque robe and officially graduated from UWA (Bachelor of Commerce with Majors in Corporate Finance and Financial Accounting and a Minor in Business Law). I always feel a little smart saying that haha. I am also proud to announce that I managed to walk the stage and back to my seat without tripping in my heels :) Although parts of the ceremony were a bit long winded, some of the speeches were really nice and profound (I know that sounds kind of dorky) and it was fun seeing the different academic garb that our lecturers chose. But most of all it was just good to celebrate the fact that I made it through 3 years, 6 semesters, 25 units (I had to repeat one, whoops!) and about a million assessments and exams all in one piece and managed to make some great friends and memories along the way. The only downside was that our graduating class was split in half and since most of my friends have last names in the first half of the alphabet, we didn't get to graduate on the same night. And that we didn't get hats since the university goes by the old school graduation dress system. At least the food was good :)

Love, Rachel Willis [BComm.] :D


  1. oh wowza! congratulations! oh and the sleeves on that robe are TOTALLY rad! I would soooooo wear it out and get much use of it after graduation!

  2. why thankyou :) haha i only rented the robe (and lugging it through the city/public transport was no easy feat!) but i did also get a good harry-potter-wand-waving shot :P


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