Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letters From the Past.

This lazy Sunday, in my quest to keep my closet looking chic and minimalistic (and of course to make room for more stuff :P), I spent most of my time cleaning out all the accumulated crap residing in a heap of old shoeboxes. In one of those boxes I found a tin that I had crammed a whole heap of letters and notes that friends had written to me in high school and sticky taped shut, a sort of time capsule if you will. As soon as I snipped open the tape a few of them sprung out as if imitating a jack-in-the-box.

Some of the letters were good, others not so much, but most just made me laugh and contained gossip about what we did on the weekend, how annoying our teachers were, the boys we liked and how much we appreciated each others' friendship. There was even one from my (still!) boyfriend- I decided to keep that one :)

It's funny how easy life seemed to be when we were younger, the things we worried about, the things we thought were cool (in one of the letters my friend wrote every single letter 'a' as an '@' symbol!). After reading them all they were thoughtfully disposed of so our secrets remain so.

What's the best thing you've found whilst doing a major cleanup?

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