Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's in a name?

This is my story:

I got the nick 'Racheena' in year 12 after one of my friends just thought it up one day and used it. I really liked it because I had always wanted a more unique nickname rather than the usual 'Rach' or 'Rachie' (even though some of my friends call me those, I don't mind). So I began using it, starting with my leavers' jumper and consequently as a login for websites I joined and most recently, this blog.

For my birthday, I received two personalised presents from my man: a number plate and a camera strap. The glossy, black plate compliments my new car perfectly and my leopard-print camera strap is so nice and fluffy and comfortable on my neck thanks to its 'mink' lining :)

Ignore the haze on my car, I just gave her her first wash and polish this morning :P

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