Thursday, November 29, 2012


I know Perth is Australia's 'Windy City' but MAN today was intense! Yesterday I wasn't quite prepared for the unexpected chill so this morning I made sure to rug up in my trench and scarf.

Rubberised sports bobby pins are amazing and even walking in the super winds my bun stayed in top form :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Today's outfit via instagram because I left super early this morning to get to bikram before work and the crappy cold and rainy weather meant that as soon as I got home it was onesie time!

Metallic pillars are great for looking skinny.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The higher the heel the closer to God

Cardigan: Valleygirl
Top: Target
Skirt: Forever New
Heels: Mimco
Watch: Michael Kors

Dear High Heeled Shoes,

I'd just like to say a large thank you for not only giving me that extra bit of height, but also for making my legs look longer and leaner than they are in reality.


I accompanied a friend to get a piercing this afternoon and must have looked quite a sight teetering into Off Ya Tree in my nude/pastel preppy ensemble complete with heels and bouncy ponytail. Fun fact: a smiley piercing apparently doesn't hurt as much as it looks like it does... I still cringed.

Another fun fact: skirts with crossover fronts that are already slightly shorter than you're comfortable with do not do so well in windy situations. Like St George's freaking Terrace.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Jacket: Esprit
Top: Valleygirl
Skirt: Portmans
Flats: Kmart

Guys I'm a bit of a fail on day 1. After my great wardrobe divide on Saturday I decided I needed some form of coloured skirt so I went out and bought this beauty from Portmans, overjoyed by the watermelon hue and too-close-to-perfect fit that I completely overlooked the black stripes on the waistband! *sigh* you can't win 'em all.

And alas, I tried, it turns out flats just don't photograph that well when you're taking selfies in the spare room without a tripod before rushing off to work..

Also, as much as Major Payne was a great childhood movie, it is also an adequate description of the amount of hurt I am in after yesterday's netball carnival. All yoga and no cardio for the past 23 days will do that to you so I am in no state to wear my gorgeous nude Mimco heels (which I thought would be perfect for this week). Maybe by Thursday...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Morticia no more! (for the week at least)

In preparation for next week's Black Out challenge set by the lovely Monique of Mon Amie I've sin-binned all my black (and dark grey/super navy blue) clothing to the closet in the spare room so my walk in currently resembles a pastel rainbow.

Of the initiative, Monique writes:
"Have you ever wondered what your city would look like if just for one day, not one person was allowed to wear black – not even one iota? Would people behave differently? Would people be less hurried and more carefree?"

If I could get away with wearing party dresses all week I would be fine, but as an office slave my 8:30-5 look generally consists of at least one item of black clothing, mainly in the skirt/pants department (it is slimming after all). Might just have to head to the shops this afternoon to beef up my artillery.

To check out all the other bloggers taking part in the challenge, head over to Mon's "Black Out" page here.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Don't you worry child.

Tonight, after completing my 19th class of a 30 day bikram yoga challenge, I was driving home in this uber zen state and found myself actually listening to the lyrics of this song rather than just bopping along to the tune and realised that it basically spells out the last 5 and a bit weeks of my life.

What happened? After 6 and a bit years I was broken up with out of the blue after coming home from an amazing holiday and a few weeks later I was informed that my genetic make-up is not the way it always seemed.

But enough of that.

This is what I was listening to:

There was a time, I used to look into my father's eyes
In a happy home, I was a king I had a golden throne
Those days are gone, now the memories are on the wall
I hear the songs from the places where I was born

Up on the hill across the blue lake,
That's where I had my first heartbreak
I still remember how it all changed

My father said;
"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child
See heaven's got a plan for you
Don't you worry, don't you worry now"

There was a time, I met a girl of a different kind
We ruled the world, I thought I'll never lose her out of sight
We were so young, I think of her now and then
I still hear the songs reminding me of a friend

Up on the hill across the blue lake,
That's where I had my first heartbreak
I still remember how it all changed

My father said;
"Don't you worry, don't you worry, child
See heaven's got a plan for you
Don't you worry, don't you worry now"

The last few weeks I feel like I've kind of been drifting about in a shitty mix of emotions, not knowing where I'm going or what I want to be doing.
But this is my new leaf. And this is my new leaf now turned over.

I've now started making plans, being positive and getting focused.

Starting with that damned canvas that's been collecting dust in my spare room!


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