Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Is Halloween


Happy Halloween! Party face inspired by Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' film clip using YouTube tutorials here and here. Pretty chuffed with how it turned out and it's quite the attention grabber (especially when walking through Leederville at 8pm to get dinner because we were unfashionably on time for the party…)

Enjoy taking candy from strangers!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY: Candy Strands

I know that hair chalking isn't anything new, but given I don't have a corporate (or any) job to go to right now I thought I'd finally test it out.

Using this tutorial (I nixed the gloves and used heat protectant spray instead of water) and my hoarded high school art supplies I got to work making on myself look like I was joining Charlie and his unicorn friends on an adventure to Candy Mountain.

The colours turned out great on my lighter ombre ends, although the crusty-ness of the dried pastels took me back to Greece and having 3 days of salt water build up in my hair. Given I'm trying to get my hair back to a healthy state, this probably isn't something I'd do all too often, but probably good for a night out/costume party.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I used to be scared of them. Them I went to Disneyland. Now we're on speaking terms.

Like rollercoasters, life is a little scary sometimes.

Tomorrow morning I leave for a 6 week holiday (ridin' solo!). After this holiday I would have had to return to a job that I have been trying to get out of for months. So on Monday I quit. This decision was probably the biggest I've ever made and probably the first I've made by myself without inputs from a boyfriend, my mother or my friends tipping me one way or the other. Because then it's never fully your fault if something goes awry.

I'm generally indecisive. I let other people make the final call. If someone said "What do you want to do?", "I dunno, what 'chu wanna do?" (thank you, Jungle Book vultures) would frequently be my response.

I missed the chance to speak to my aunt before she passed away because I couldn't decide what I would say when I picked up that phone and kept putting it off until it was too late. And I regret that deeply. I don't want to regret missing out on other opportunities because I've put something off or not been willing to take a risk.

Back to the metaphorical rollercoaster and the fact that I'm about to leave for a 6 week holiday without a source of income to come back to. Right now I feel like I'm at the point just before the car reaches the peak of the track. A mixture of anxiety and excitement. What goes up must come down, but you don't really know what's on the other side. You could coast. You could come plummeting back down at warp speed. You could shit your pants.

Or you could have the time of your life.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Southward Bound

This weekend we made the most of the Anzac day public holiday, took Friday off work and set off on a four day long weekend road trip to explore parts of the south-west.

Stops and attractions included:
Fergus the cow - Gnomesville, Ferguson Valley - The Diamond Tree, Manjimup and Gloucester Tree, Pemberton (including bird feeding) - Pemberton Pool and Big Brook Dam, Pemberton - Karri Valley Resort (kayaking, kangaroo petting, night walking) - Callcup Hill, Meerup Beach and Summertime Track (4WDs are a must) - Rest Point Holiday Park, Walpole (camping, kookaburras, pelicans, stingrays!) - Purchasing gumboots to splosh around in the puddles after all the rain we got! - Valley of the Giants (treetop walk), Denmark - Giant Tingle Tree and Circular Pool, Walpole - Home 

Aside from getting up close and personal with stingrays and being happy as Larry in a brand new pair of gumboots, the most memorable event of the weekend would have to be setting out for a 3.5km bush walk at night and joking about the torch going out... Then having the torch go out at almost exactly the half way point! Thanks goodness for the full moon!

Getting Lucky

So this is wayyyy overdue. I'm a procrastinator by nature.

Over the Easter weekend we packed our bags and swags, said goodbye to the big smoke and road tripped to Lucky Bay (about an hour north of Geraldton, Western Australia).

You can explore the world, but sometimes, all you need is to be exposed to your own backyard.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

She's got a ticket to ride

My Contiki documents came!

If you're following me on twitter or instagram, you'll know how excited I'm getting for my upcoming trip and this little package that arrived yesterday sealed the deal!

I'm heading to Europe for about 5 and a half weeks (29 days on Contiki, the rest a free-for-all). The countdown is currently at 37 days and of course when I head off I'll be blogging here, so stay tuned for all my updates.

Now I just need to buy a new sleeping bag :)


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Forest Friends

This morning I tagged along with Brad and the Legitimate Perth City crew to shoot some behind the scenes footage of their Autumn '13 Lookbook shoot. Coffees and Tigers and Teepees, oh my!

Grab yourself some LPC swag here and/or show their Facebook page some love here.


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