Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Bikram Challenge and Mumma's Day

So my local Bikram Yoga studio turns 1 today, and to celebrate, yesterday they held a mini challenge- 4 classes in one day. And me being the crazy fool I am said "challenge accepted". Now It probably wasn't a great idea to have a week's break from bikram before doing the challenge but that just made it an even bigger feat to accomplish.

Class #1- 7:30 am. I still felt a little sore from the class I did the morning before, but even though the heat quickly limbered me up I still felt a bit uneazy and for half the class was thinking "what on earth have I gotten myself into, I'm going to die!"
Class#2- 9:30 am. The first class went over time so we only had around 15 minutes to have a quick break. I guzzled some Cocobella for electrolyte replacement before getting back into the yoga room. This class was barely different from the first in terms of the way I was feeling. I was still kicking myself for going through it, but tried to 'stay present' and just follow the dialogue. After class I was seriously thinking of just not going back for the afternoon session, went home and had a light lunch, quick shower, some more electrolytes and an 8 min nap...
Class #3- 2pm. Well, I forced myself to go back even if it would just be for the third class. I think the little bit of rest did me good, because the third class was amazing. I got through all the postures, worked hard and didn't feel faint at any time, it just felt like a regular class and it gave me lots of positive energy to get me back into the room for the last class.
Class #4- 4pm. I felt like I was going to vomit. For some reason the elation I experienced during the last cass didn't carry over to this one and I just didn't feel great, but I made the decision to stay in the room for the whole class, sitting out of a posture when I felt faint and holding back on some of the others. But I made it to the end, and I feel good for doing it. I was still alive and Mum applauded me when I came home :)

I then went out for a 21st that night. And wore heels. Bad move.

Today my hamstrings are killing me but I soldiered on and Mum and I indulged in a buffet lunch at the Joondalup Resort and Country Club for Mother's Day. We pretty much celebrate here each year because a) no cooking and cleaning involved and b) the food is always good (chocolate fountain anyone?)

I came down with a classic case of eyes-bigger-than-stomach syndrome and fell into a 90 min food coma when I got home (probably a good thing I did all that yoga the day before!)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there and I hope you all got to spend a lovely day with your families :)

On another note, I start my new job tomorrow! Just a tad excited mixed with a bundle of nerves haha.

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  1. Oh wow, that food looks absolutely incredible!

  2. The food looks amazing!

    Good look on starting the new job :)

  3. The food was so delish!
    New job going good so far :)

  4. i applaud you for accepting that challenge, but it shall be worth it, you must be so fit! And what a sweet day to spend with your Mumma :)


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