Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hubba Bubba and My Wonderful Wardrobe

I'm like one of those little children that gets sucked in by the goodies that stores display at the cash register (minus the screaming tantrum) so when I saw the Hubba Bubba tape while waiting to pay for my purchases I simply had to have it.

In other news, I ordered some clear shoe boxes from ebay the other week and they came in the mail today so I got a little excited and rearranged my wardrobe. The result: I think they make my closet look much more organised and less cluttered (with room for more clothes!) I'm currently thinking of how I can add in a second rail, maybe buy a portable clothes rack and cut it down to the height I need? I don't really want to go drilling into the walls...



The new storage:

Tidy! :)

The mess I had to clean up afterwards :|

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