Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Struggletown, Population: Me (Chocolate Edition)

Today marks the 86th day since I announced my decision to give up chocolate as a New Year's Resolution.

I was going so well. When people would tempt me with it, I could politely decline. When I made red velvet cupcakes with chocolate accents for Amgoorie's birthday, I washed my hands instead of licking them clean and when a colleague bought me a box of cupcakes for my birthday, I kindly gave some to my team (and made sure someone took the chocolate one).

But it's now Easter. And I've almost hit the wall. I can't even do some grocery shopping without having to skulk through wall-to-wall, foil-wrapped, sugar-laden, sweet-smelling, cocoa-coloured goodness.

I almost feel like I need group therapy. If there's a chocoholics anonymous group out there, let me know.

So this weekend I am going camping and planning on playing the Easter Bunny in my beloved onesie.

You know what they say: 
"Those who cant do, teach.
And those who can't eat chocolate, give it out to others."

Or something like that.

Ughhhh. 280 days to go!

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