Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pack on le back

I booked a big girl holiday today (aka: going alone). All my previous travel has been with mum or a boy, and they always seem to have a sensible bag to put all the important stuff in while I prance around with a tiny handbag or open topped tote that offers zero security.

So I'm on the hunt for a good bag for hand luggage and thought: backpack. Nothing that looks completely dorky and transports me back to 4th grade, but not something that is too hardcore backpack/outdoors-y. Also needs to be able to comfortably fit all the crap I carry around with me daily plus the extra holiday schtuff: passport, headphones, camera, nunchucks etc. Zip closure mandatory. Guys, choosing a backpack is more difficult than I thought!

On my hunt I got distracted by these cuties:

But in reality I'm considering something similar to these:

Decisions, decisions.

All images via polyvore


  1. Herschel bags are dope, I have the Pop Quiz in Navy/Leather.

    1. Soo many Herschel options I think my brain just went into a mini meltdown...


    Lifetime guarantee and waterproof!
    We have quite a few of them.


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