Sunday, December 23, 2012

Get Baked: Adriano Zumbo salted caramel macaron mix review

 So the other day I finally tested out the Adriano Zumbo macaron mix that's been sitting in my pantry for about 6 weeks. From memory, they are easier than the Donna Hay mix I've tried before (just add water!... and maybe a bit of butter) and definitely more 'beginner/lazy person friendly'.

In the box: salted caramel mix, almond flour mix, icing mix, cardboard ring for tracing and 2 piping bags. This is definitely a big plus in my books- the one pain in the ass thing about making macarons is getting them the same size to be able to pair them up, so marking out the sizing on baking paper and being able to pipe them out instead of dolloping them out using a spoon makes this a heck of a lot easier.

I had a bit of a giggle at the fact that Adriano knows that there will be some screw ups. The instructions say that the mix will allow you to pipe at least 40 cases.... then pick your best 30 and pair them up. I was like screw that, these things are so delicious I'm pairing up the crappy ones too.

The first batch I put in the oven looked pretty good aside from the fact that for some reason (probably the heat distribution from the fan... or whatever) that the cases only developed 'feet' on one side. Also, looks can be deceiving; I baked these for 14 minutes since I didn't want to burn them (instructions say 14-18minutes) but after letting the cases cool and attempting to remove them, half of the filling was left on the paper and I had 2 batches of almost hollow shells (oh well, more room for that sweet, sweet icing).

Below is what happens when you pipe out your cases, remember you have to go have coffee with someone, put them in the fridge and then pop them in the oven over 2 hours later. They don't rise evenly, and basically turn out looking like mini volcanoes. So I don't recommend doing that. But again, so tasty it doesn't matter.
Finished product above. All in all I think I made about 20 or so (including all the misshapen ones). They are super tasty and keep well in the fridge for a few days (not going to lie, I've been having these for breakfast). Again, they get big points for the sizing ring and piping bags included and I'll definitely be trying these again in the passionfruit flavour. Yum!

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