Monday, December 3, 2012

That's a wrap

Ok so I got a bit lazy over the last few days of the blackout challenge so here's my wrap up.

Casual Friday involved a cozy knit and jeans combo, Saturday wasn't documented but consisted of a khaki maxi and white/blue striped top during the day which were swapped for jeans and a white pleather jacket for the night, while Sunday was spent cleaning my room and snoozing in a grey singlet and DIY cutoffs.

All-in-all I think the blackout challenge was a success. It definitely made me feel more awake and lifted my mood being the 'rose amongst the thorns' (this is especially obvious when waiting to cross at traffic lights on the terrace at lunchtime) and I occasionally felt a bit like Carrie from SATC.

While it's certainly a lot easier to stick with black staples I will definitely be making more of an effort to inject colour into my everyday work wardrobe.

Also, Friday was the final day of my 30 day bikram yoga challenge! I made it! It was definitely tough, and at times I just wanted to quit, but I stuck it out and actually let out a bit of a tear in the final savasana. 


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