Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear 2012, Goodbye and Good Riddance.

For 2013.

I decided.

I'm giving up chocolate.

There, I said it. Most people who know me will be familiar with my weakness for all things cocoa. Work colleagues know that if I have breakfast in the office it's usually Nutella on toast/a bagel, afternoon snack time stems from the candy/chocolate aisle at Woolies and if there's an open packet of chocolate in my house, I will not hesitate for a second to have it for breakfast.

I know, I have issues.

Impending withdrawal headaches aside, as well as giving up chocolate, I'm also going to use 2013 to work on myself (as cheesy/cliche/corny as that sounds). After the onslaught of ups and (mostly) downs the latter half of 2012 brought I really do think that I need to make choices for myself.
I need to not overload my plate and be a people pleaser.
I need to not let the actions of other people affect me.
I need to learn to say no/back off.

Although, Facebook's '2012 in Review' feature did point out that I did some pretty cool stuff during the year: I went to DISNEYLAND!! (in Hong Kong, but still..), I jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft at 14,000ft, I went to Spain, Morocco, Portugal and Dubai and I completed 30 continuous days of bikram yoga classes. But the most important was realising what a great support network I have and that my girlfriends are amongst the best you can get!

I'm also a little excited to be finally spending a NYE at home with friends! 2012 I was in Macau, 2011: the Philippines, 2010: Bali, 2009: on the tarmac at Melbourne airport and on the airplane crossing the Vic-SA and SA-WA borders :P

Hope you all have a fantastic night and a great start to 2013 <3

I'm now off to stuff my face and make the most of the 6 hours I have left of chocolate-y goodness!

Looking back. Something I've promised myself to no longer do.
"Don't let nostalgia cloud your judgement" - Stolen from BMorfett :)


  1. You go my little racheena! 2013 is your year baby! Its all coming up milhouse for you my dear ;)

    1. Thanks lovely :) looking forward to seeing all the amazing makeup collars you do this year as well, they've all been so purdy! x

  2. Those are some great resolutions! I'm intending to do the same - look after yourself and accept no bullshit :)


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