Monday, January 21, 2013

Bend before you snap

So last November I did a 30 Day Bikram Yoga challenge, and I've finally found the video that the studio shot on the final day!

Spot/listen out for the loser (aka:me!) at the following:

0:19 - "What did you find the most challenging?"
"I think I've done most of my classes in the morning so.. getting up super early- not what I'm used to.. and then feeling a little bit stiff but, yeah it's been really good, getting through it. Getting- I think the halfway point was my, like 'I can do this, I can finish it' *giggle*"

1:57 - "Why did you do the challenge/what have you gotten out of it?"
"Um I think just general flexibility.. and I think I'm- you know I feel a little bit lighter and a little bit more happy and- some days I look forward to coming, some days not so much.. But *giggle* yeah, it's been- it's been a really good experience so..."

4:31 - "Describe the challenge in 2 words"
"Intense, but rewarding *giggle*" (I know, I cheated)

So I'm a nervous giggler.

This is why I don't do public speaking.

But seriously, if you've ever thought about doing it I highly recommend giving it a go. I had a lot going on in my head at that point in life and I just wanted something else to focus on and keep me motivated. I hadn't practised in over 2 months and after my first class back I threw myself in the deep end and signed up for the challenge which started the following week, so whatever stage you're at it's doable. 
It is a 90-minute class with a good 10-15 minutes either side to get prepared and cool down, plus travel time depending on where your nearest studio is located. I was lucky enough that the challenge was on during a time when my work commitments weren't hectic and we had some admin days which meant I could get in an earlier class and get some [much needed!] rest and get away with coming into the office a few minutes late/escape a bit early.

"It's never too late, it's never too bad, and you're never too old or too sick to start from scratch once again." 
- Bikram Choudhury

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