Friday, May 20, 2011

I Said BRRRRR! It's Cold In Here!

I have no idea what changed, but the weather has suddenly decided to go from reasonable to torrential! I've been working at the domestic airport this week and the rain has certainly made the drive there and back a mild nightmare.

On the upside, my first pay came through last night so I went on a bit of a splurge after work. Picked up a gorgeous navy coat/jacket from Dotti (the fur hood is removable, so it's completely work appropriate) it's so snug and cozy, perfect for the sudden drop in temperature we've experienced lately. And when cute slippers go on sale ($6.87!) I can never resist :) The scarab beetle ring came as part of my latest ASOS order, I love it and my statement ring collection is beginning to grow nicely- currently coveting Paloma's Marrakesh Ring in gold *drools*

In other news, I'm being sent to Collie for work next week and I've never been. Anyone else been? Hopefully I don't have to work horrendous hours and can take a few snaps for show and tell.

I hope everyone is keeping nice and toasty warm. I know I will be snuggled under the doona for a good sleep in tomorrow! Hello weekend :)


  1. Yay for outfit post! That coat really is divine! I Need to do some serious winter shopping lol! Seeya tonight chicky! xxx

  2. Thanks doll! I've just gone crazy on a whole heap of plain long sleeve tees haha, probably my new winter staple :P

    Having a bit of a crisis involving my wardrobe tonight as always haha, see you there!


  3. love that coat! your posts are all really cute
    xx Cin


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