Friday, March 25, 2011


This is Hay St. This is not what Hay St usually looks like. This is all the fault of Apple Inc. 

The iPad 2 hit Australia officially at 5pm today (which, of course, meant that people were queueing up from at least 7am) causing the area surrounding the Perth Apple Retail Store to resemble a bit of a circus. The snapshot above isn't even the first line outside the store- it's the second line that ran along Central Park (and I'm guessing rounded the corner down William St). Now, I don't own an iPad so maybe I just don't know how amazing they are, but is it really so important to be among the first to get one? Especially when it means waiting in line for an entire day. I'm also curious about why this was happening on a Friday afternoon instead of a Saturday morning like with the iPhone 4 launch (I work across the road, it was quite a spectacle).

Personally I love Apple products, they have a great aesthetic about them and my Apple family is slowly growing. My first was the 2nd gen iPod Nano which still serves me well (mainly connected to speakers in my bathroom) I'm amazed that it still works after being dropped on the tiles so many times! Then there was my 2nd gen iPod touch, which sadly is no longer with us after I failed to screw the lid onto my water bottle properly before putting it in my bag (I'd had it for approximately one month, oops!). My boyfriend took pity on me after I had become addicted to the amazing invention that is The App (Angry Birds of course) and I received his iPhone 3G as a hand-me-down. I broke that also, but after more than a month. After that the only way was up- to the iPhone 4. The most recent addition to my family occurred earlier this month when I decided to make the switch from PC and purchased myself a 27" iMac. This means I've given up laptop life and now spend a lot of my time in my room at my desk, so who knows maybe I will be drawn to the iPad one day. But will I ever wait for hours in order to get one? No thanks, I like my beauty sleep :)

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