Monday, March 7, 2011

Twenty One and Music of the Future.

Yesterday marked my twenty-first birthday which also happened to fall on the day of Future Music Festival '11 so I got to spend the day with friends and good music (and get a slight tan in the process). The only thing I despise about music festivals is the fact that mobile phone reception is basically nonexistant (although we happened to find a sweet spot by the first aid tent and one of my friends exclaimed "if you go into the toilets as soon as you shut the door DING DING all your messages come through!") so this meant we also spent a lot of time trying to find each other after we got separated a few times.

We bumped into a lot of other friends and family and it seemed like half of Perth was crammed into Joondalup Arena (well, at least 40 odd thousand). And after getting crushed in Ke$ha's epic mosh-pit-of-death we decided to just stick to the back end of the crowds around the stages where we had more room to groove. All in all I had quite an enjoyable day :)


  1. ohhh im soo jealous, i really wanted to see kesha! was she any good? i agree its soo hard to enjoy the music when you are getting crushed by crazy fans!

  2. haha i didn't see much while i was in the mosh since i'm just over 5 foot, and when i got lifted out i started the frantic search for my friends :P

    but she didn't sound terrible (we're still trying to figure out if she was lip synching or not) and the little bit that i did see was quite entertaining. you really can't go wrong with a confetti cannon :)


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