Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Melbourne Diaries- Day 4 & 5

Day 4- Breakfast on Block Place, a quick stroll through the city to pose with a golden man before boarding a train to South Yarra. I didn't find much on Chapel St as I'd already done most of my shopping and I think Ben was more interested in the cars that we spotted haha. That night we went to the Comedy Festival Gala, and not to name drop, but I saw Geoffrey Rush! Ben dared me to, but I was way too chicken to go and say anything, I know if I were famous and going to enjoy a show I would get annoyed at people disturbing me (I had no idea what I would have said anyway: "Hi Geoffrey Rush..... :D..... ok bye :D" would probably be how it would go down) but still it was quite exciting. The debate on whether or not 'This is the End of the World' was quite good, but I think Jason Byrne might have failed debating in high school :| We were seated in the front row and Paul McDermott yelled something at us about chewing gum, so if you watch the televised version, you might get to see my stunned-mullet/deer-in-the-headlights face. 

Day 5- Our last day. We packed our bags nice and early and left them in storage after we checked out so we could still enjoy our final jaunt around the city. We munched on more macarons at Brunetti before picking up the last of our shopping and stumbling upon more great alleyways. Then it was off to the airport where I gave Ben a mini lesson on the basics of ISO, aperture and shutter speeds before our flight home. Now all that's left is to finish the Krispy Kremes on the kitchen bench that are staring me in the face each morning.

It was really nice getting away for a few days, but there's nothing like coming home to the comfort of your own bed. In addition to the shopping, I managed to pick up a bit of a cold, so I'm at home all rugged up while I write these posts. Hopefully it passes soon so I have the energy to put away all my luggage as it's still laying strewn all over my bedroom floor eep.

Partial photo credit to Ben :)

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