Friday, April 8, 2011

Popped my ASOS cherry.

I usually steer clear of even looking at nice online stores since even though the prices may be good, the shipping costs to Australia are usually something just short of daylight robbery- enter ASOS with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE (no minimum spend required) yes, you heard me. Music to my ears.

Anywhoo, I am well aware that I'm a bit behind on the ASOS bandwagon, but I finally made my first purchase and got way too excited when I came home to the package on my doorstep. Another thing I love is that they estimate delivery to be 13-14 days and it actually took that long, no agonisingly long wait!

My haul: over-the-knee socks, oversized faux fur clutch (and when they say oversized, they're not kidding!), 2 rings and a bustier look knit jumper. I stupidly ordered the rings in a size small so they only fit on either my left ring finger, or my right pinkie which is a bit of a downer since I usually wear oversized rings on my middle fingers but hey, you learn.

And just to throw it in there, my new scarf from Forever New, because it is so nice and soft and fluffy but part of me dies a little each time I notice a thread that has been snagged on something.

Bring on winter.


  1. That fur clutch is amazing! I can't wait for my ASOS to arrive - it always comes so quickly!

  2. I know, I'd been stalking it for ages and as soon as I saw the sale price I was like YES! haha.

  3. absolutely love your purchases! ahh asos, it was so worth every penny ;) X


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