Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sneakshot + Op Shop Couture

A few days ago a girl was sitting next to me on train with this gorgeous clutch bag, I just had to steal a quick pic (pretending to just be crossing your arms tends to do the trick :P ). Although it doesn't look like it would hold a whole lot of stuff, it is still something I'd love to have tucked away in my closet. I'm now currently on the lookout for more limey hued items to add to my wardrobe.

Speaking of such a colour, last night I attended an 'Op Shop Formal' themed 21st birthday and dug up this top from the depths of mum's closet (the colour is closer to the action shots as opposed to the turquoise-ness of the iPhone pic). It actually comes with a mermaid style skirt in the same fabric, but I thought that might have been just a tad OTT :)

Party season is well under way (since I'm a 1990 baby, this year all my friends are turning 21) and having just sorted out my calendar realised that I have a 21st every weekend for the next 7 weeks! (8 if you include this weekend) plus a trip to Melbourne thrown in. Yikes! 

(Partay photos courtesy of good ol' FB)


  1. OH green is such a lovely colour! Love love love

  2. lol @ secret photo taking technique :P

  3. i love your dress <3 the color looks wonderful on you!! and fun photos!!


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