Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dancing with you in the summer rain.

According to the calendar we are well into Autumn, but lately the Perth heat has proven otherwise. That is, until the heavens finally opened up this morning and gave us some much needed rain (and relief from the high temps). I'm hoping this means I can finally bring my winter staples out of hiding (and of course make room for new ones). I'm craving some nice chunky knit sweaters and scarves and a chic trench is definitely on my 'need' list.

The only downside is that I haven't planted the Tulip and Babiana bulbs I bought, better get onto that soon, or they'll end up in the fridge for yet another year!


  1. Oh what gorgeous photos! I didn't actually get to see it rain, just the clouds, the wet and the cold :-)

  2. Thanks hun, if only there were a way to capture the smell and put it on here too! :)


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