Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Show me your drawers.

No, not those drawers... pervs.

I ordered some new makeup storage from ebay a few weeks ago and it finally arrived today :D My makeup 'storage' previously consisted of an old Fererro Rocher box stacked with my bits and bobs. Now I've got a lovely set of clear perspex drawers to keep everything (well, my most used cosmetics) in order. My lesser used items are still stashed in the cupboard below, but hopefully this will help keep my benchtop nice and tidy. 

It looks so pretty and clean and shiny! From the bottom I've got: Eyeshadows/mascara, face powders/bronzer/blush, eyeliners and lipsticks and on the top, there's just enough room to keep some moisturiser, foundation and fragrances. Of course one day I'd like to have a large and impressive enough collection to warrant one of the bad boys the Kardashian girls have, but for now this will do just nicely :)

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