Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm Filthy, and I Stink...

.. but I just completed my first City to Surf

I entered the 12km walk along with a bunch of my work mates. I was all like yeah, I can do 12kms easy... until I met the hills. Ouch! And a bikram class the day before probably wasn't the best idea :P

But I made it, and at the end we were greeted by our corporate tent, where I pretty much counteracted all the physical exertion I'd just put myself through by downing 2 hotdogs, 2 powerades and a bottle of water for good measure ;)

Silly me forgot to keep my own time, so I guess I have to wait until tomorrow when I can access it online.

Already looking forward to next year!


My official results: 12km walk total time: 1hr 48mins 11secs. Overall event placing 1,369. Category place (Female 19-29) 305. Gender place 904.

I am quite prou-diddley-oud of myself :D

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  1. you fit chick! i'm gonna need you to be my trainer one day :)



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