Sunday, July 3, 2011

Conversations with the Dalai Lama

It's been a bleak few weeks for me (a week of graduate training and a week at a new client) so I thought I'd backtrack a few weeks for something to share..

A few weeks ago, the Dalai Lama came to Perth as the last stop on his tour around Australia, so I thought I'd take mum along to his talk at Burswood. I'm not a Bhuddist, but I did go to a Catholic high school and the Dalai Lama was a leader that we learned about in the course of our compulsory religious studies.

The DL is so cute! (Am I allowed to say that?) He wears his little visor on stage and sometimes mumbles to himself in his native language then consults with his right hand man/translator when he gets a bit stuck. He also has the most infectious chuckle :)

He spoke about secularism as not not having belief in any religion, but instead as a an acceptance of all religions and beliefs and a kind of religious harmony. He also spoke of God as a mystery- something that we cannot scientifically prove or disprove because it is beyond our capacity, and also that anger is a sign of weakness and compassion a sign of inner strength among other topics.

Personally, I think it's always good to hear other people's view on the world, whether religious, spiritual or personal, unless they're the kind of people who claim that their view is the only way and that everyone else is wrong. #rantover. Although the DL is definitely not one of those people, and I definitely had an enjoyable time listening to him speak :)

Sorry for pic quality courtesy of iPhone. I'm still trying to suss out the "no professional recording equipment allowed" rules at certain events. Does this include personal DSLR's? Obviously I wouldn't go taking my precioussss into a mosh pit, but for seated concerts/sporting events, what's the go?

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