Friday, July 15, 2011

My week according to Instagram.

Feels like I haven't put a post together in forever, but we're getting into "busy season" at work and after a week in Collie it looks like I'll be heading into the office on Sunday :( ho hum.

Anywho here's a quick rundown of my week according to my Instagram posts since I'm not in the mood for setting up my camera for some snaps. I feel like I'm a bit late on the Instagram bandwagon, but I rather quite enjoy it :)

1. The lamp on my bedside table courtesy of IKEA   2. Working back at the motel with the TV for company   3. One of the trains at the Collie Visitor's Centre   4. I get a tad OCD and line up my pens when referencing my workpapers   5. 5 yr anniversary- I was in Collie, my man was 2.5 hours out of Kalgoorlie and he had a single long-stemmed rose delivered to my motel room <3   6. The open road on the drive back home (I was passenger, chillax)   7. Tiny Tower. I've become an addict. That is all.

p.s- If you're on Instagram, hit me up, I'd love some more people to follow. Username: racheena


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  1. instagram is the way to go when we are too lazy to get our dslr's out ahha, i know how you feel, i think my camera is producing dust =/

    hope you get a non stress week soon!



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