Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not the gumdrop buttons!

ONE: One of the things I do enjoy about the Christmas season is baking gingerbread cookies (I've yet to attempt making a house from scratch). The only thing is that the recipe I use makes LOADS and I usually leave them in a container on the kitchen bench. This, of course, means that each time I go into the kitchen I just have to have one (or three) so I usually give most of them away before I can eat them all. Yesterday I took some into work and my boss asked me to make her a batch that she would pay me for ie for ingredients plus effort (and love). So how much should I ask for?

TWO: Finally finished my first book of the summer holidays; "One Fifth Avenue" by Candace Bushnell (of Sex and the City fame). If you like Sex and the City and Lipstick Jungle and other similar books, you'll like this too. It basically revolves around this well known address and all the intrigue that surrounds it. There are a good mix of characters; the Playboy, the witty Aunt, the Actress, the Hedge Fund guy, the Nosy Parker and many others so it's not just confined to one stereotype. I'll keep you posted on the rest of my summer reading list.

THREE: When I ordered my new iPhone 4 it said delivery could be expected within 2-4 business days- I had to wait 3 weeks and it almost killed me! Anyways on the day that I was about to get on the phone and do some serious complaining to my telco, it finally arrived. The only thing is that to port my number across I have to make sure my current number is in my name (currently under my mum's name because when I got the number I was about 14) and then port it across. So basically my new toy has been sitting on my desk being a tease. Well I waited 3 weeks, what's another day or two?

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