Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Little Pony

ONE. Today was spent at Pinjarra Park Racecourse watching magnificent creatures duke it out on a track that made me hate my front yard. As a first time race-goer I was pretty impressed by the experience. When I was a child I never understood why other little girls had obsessions with horses- and now I kind of do. I was also astounded at how amazing the track/lawn was. It was unbelievably green! As if the few mm of rain we have had this year have all been falling on that one area and there are no dogs to burn it with wee. Even though I didn't win any moolah today I still had a decent time. Racing horse names always tend to make me giggle. 

TWO. I have officially passed university (and can now end my name with the suffix 'BComm') haha. Three years at the University of Western Australia and about a million dollars worth of text books and train rides has gotten me a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance and a minor in Business Law *phew* that's a mouthful. The only lame thing is that since my last name is towards the end of the alphabet, I don't get to go to the same graduation ceremony as most of my friends which is kind of a bummer. Maybe I'll just gatecrash theirs in my robe for some photos.

THREE. I'm now on bloglovin

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