Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A chocoholic's best friend

So last week the girls held a Kris Kringle exchange and we were all asked to bring a plate. Since I was working, I wanted something I could prepare the night before relatively easily and immediately thought Rocky Road (because what's easier than pouring a heap of melted chocolate over some random ingredients right?)

Trawling through the mass google results for the perfect recipe, I stumbled upon this one tucked away in a corner and thought you know what, I don't think I've ever had white choc rocky road. And thus my little adventure began.

Turns out white choc is a little more expensive than milk/dark choc (as are pistachios and cranberries over peanuts and cherries) but it's so worth it. The slight saltiness of the pistachios and macadamias are quite a nice surprise in contrast to the sweetness of marshmallows and chocolate (like mixing popcorn and M&Ms at the movies- yummmm). Did I mention they're super pretty too? 

I planned to cut them into gingerbread men shapes with cutters, however the tin was too small and the slab turned out too high to push the cutter all the way through. There was also too much filling/not enough chocolate and so the slice was quite puffy and not dense enough to cookie cut. Oh well, perfect excuse to make it again next year!


  1. I was forced into this "yum" m&m's and popcorn mix and it's not as great as you mention.

  2. Morfetti, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore...


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