Monday, January 24, 2011

Snapshots of Sundays.

SPOTTO: bubble tea, bag, high waisted shorts + polka bow tee, bf's growing figurine collection, ice cream + chocolate marshmallow topping, 20 years of Alston, cuddles, Mozart.

SUNDAY was spent wandering around the city, avoiding rain, coveting apple items, hunting treasures and being silly. I am quite quickly becoming addicted to bubble tea (and influencing my bf in the process) and am making my way through all the yummy flavours and toppings (so it's probably worth that I got a member card haha). We decided to check out the op shop in the hunt for blazers, however ended up scrutinizing the book collection. In the end I walked out with an amazing coffee table book "20 years of Alston". I love coffee table books, and I think this will officially be the start of my personal collection. We ventured to the Apple store so I could look at the iMacs as I'm planning on a) making the switch from PC and b) giving up laptop life (as I don't need to be taking it to uni anymore and at my new work we will be provided with one). My mind has been made up and when I have the moolah I'll be snapping up a 27 inch whopper, justifying the size by the fact that i'll be watching movies on it in my room and also that my eyesight is deteriorating and I need big! After the trip home we had quite a chilled afternoon/night.

THIS MORNING I discovered that the shorts I was wearing yesterday had rubbed dye onto my handbag (yes they are new shorts and no I hadn't washed them first, so I guess it's mostly my own fault). So I've spent most of the morning in a frenzy googling how to remove denim dye from fabric. I'm about half way through one process now so I may post later if it's a success. Ergh, wish me luck!

LASTLY my dog is so cute sometimes :) 

I hope Monday is kinder to you than it has been to me x


  1. AWWW i love your post my dear! looks like you have been snapping with your camera well! Have you tried manual settings yet? I failed.. haha!! i need to do the course!

    Ben looks alright with a shaved head, was kinda worried at the beginning but it seems pretty awesome!

    And i got mike addicted to bubble tea too! haha, its a win win really ;)


  2. why thankyou :) i had a play around with shutter speed and aperture last night while trying to get a photo of the moon and they came out kinda ok. zomg i'm so excited for the course!

    ohh at least the WHOLE thing is shaved, when his mates originally did it they just shaved the back and left it crazy long at the front *stick finger down throat here* it was terrible! but it's growing on me, and so fun to play with :)



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