Monday, January 10, 2011

Click happy.

Ever since I found out I would have 6 months of holiday between finishing university and starting my full-time graduate job I knew I wanted to do a short course in photography at TAFE. The only thing is I need a 'proper' camera, and since Harvey Norman is currently having a massive sale Mum snapped this one up for me (pun completely intended!) as an early 21st birthday pressie- it was also a pretty good steal at almost half price. I think I'll call her Penelope. Got a tad bit excited and shot almost everything in the house from the pantry to my closet, my boyfriend's bonsai plant, the dead fly on the windowsill and even the carrot peels as mum prepared dinner.

My poor dog Mozart bore a lot of the impact as well, I don't think he's too fond of the beeping noise it makes. Or the flash. I mainly just stuck to the auto mode and had a tinker with some of the settings, but just seeing her capabilities on autopilot makes me even more excited for the course. Bring it!

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