Monday, November 1, 2010


Sooo. To start off this blogger site I was going to do one of those 30 day challenge thingies where you learn more about yourself as a person and blah-di-blah. BUT, the timing couldn't have been more perfect and I thought this would be a better way to kick things off.

First, here's a picture of my bathroom counter;

*Starts singing* "Caaaaaaan you tell one thing, that's not like the other? Can you tell one thing just doesn't belong? Can you tell what thing is not like the other, by the time I finish my song?"

Did you spot it? Well, aside from the iPhone that doesn't really belong in my bathroom... it's *drumroll please*

Today I bought a pair of thinning shears (amazing btw!) and as I finished up thinning out my hair, and cleaning them up out of the sink a little lightbulb flickered on. "This would make an AMAZING moustache!" she says to herself. So I gathered it up and with a lot of hairspraying and snipping, I came up with my mo. Now, after taking the obligatory moustache shots of myself I couldn't bear to throw it out and ended up sticking it to my shower screen. 

Then I remembered my boyfriend left a whiteboard marker at my place.

And thus, my moustache man was born!

Ok basically I'm going to keep this on my shower for the whole month and give him a new face as often as i can (I'm really aiming for every day, but sometimes that's just not possible/i'm too lazy).

Now, I'm no longer the art student that I used to be, so he might not be very interesting but bear with me,

and enjoy.

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