Monday, June 11, 2012


Perth has been having some super stormy perfect-for-curling-up-under-a-doona-and-watching-movies weather lately and I had a feeling that if I stepped outside on Sunday I might have been whisked away to a faraway land a'la Dorothy and Toto. To stay safe I spent the afternoon with my headphones on clearing bags of clutter out from my room (4 bags and a million shoeboxes later it looks awesome but is likely to last < a week) and had no idea half of Perth was in a blackout until I checked twitter later in the night.

To celebrate the fact that I finally found an easy to use gif maker, here's some candle light for an instant warm and fuzzy feeling.

In other news; I passed my Tax exam! 2 down, 3 to go.

Stay cozy everyone :)


  1. you cleaver little duck making gifs! hehe great stuff my dear xx

  2. Nice GIF and congrats on the exam results!

  3. congrats on the exam!



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