Friday, June 17, 2011


If you read my last post, you'll know I had a nice parcel waiting for me when I got home today. Well, this is what was in my parcel; 1 bottle of ZOYA and 3 bottles of OPI. I'm posting this up nice and quick because I had to show them off and I don't think multicoloured nails would go well with my ball dress for tomorrow night haha.

For a minute I could smell strawberries/raspberries and was like OH MY GOD THEY'RE SCENTED! But then I remembered I'd just gone on a manic red liquorice binge *facepalm*. It's been a long week.

Apologies in advance for the snapshot quality, it probably would have been better in natural daylight and a second lot of apologies for the lack of nail appearance- I just slopped the polish on without doing a nice proper soak/buff/file/cuticle push-back. Although I did add a top coat, just for good measure :)

From left to right:

Panda-Monium Pink (Hong Kong Collection). This colour was the prime reason I bought a whole stack of nailpolish in the first place. In my quest for the perfect candy pink my google searches led me to this shade. It goes on a little bit streaky, especially if you use thin coats (here I have 3 coats of colour plus the top coat). It definitely lives up to my expectation colour wise (colour IRL is closer to the third pic) and reminds me of cotton candy. Note to self: do not ruin manicure by trying to eat nails...
**EDIT** For the love of manicures wear a top coat with this one! After 2 days the colour started to gain a bit of a grey tinge, but that was soon fixed with another coat of colour and a top coat :) Just a warning..  

Ate Berries in the Canaries (España Collection). This gorgeous fuschia hue is probably closest IRL to the burgundy-pink of the bottle, but a little darker. Out of the four, this applies the best and you could probably even get away with a single coat of colour and a top coat if you're short on mani time (here I have 2 coats of colour and a top coat). I can definitely see myself doing crescent moons with this and Panda-Monium Pink *drool*.

Nova (Zoya). Everyone needs a bit of glitter in their life, and this is my mum's fave of my order. I was quite surprised that it only took 3 coats for you to no longer be able to see the nail through the polish, but it would probably stll be better to have a red undercoat as too many coats of glitter polish makes it squishy. I'd also note that you probably need at least 2 top coats to make the finish glossy, all the glitter makes the surface rough and you kinda lose the glitziness of it.

Mystery (Designer Series). From the picture I went off when ordering, it looked kind of lack/khaki/green/gold...ish. However, it's actually a really deep dark purple- think Maleficent, and then add in some more black. And then go even darker. That's how dark it is, kind of like a black with a visibly purple tint. I didn't realise it was purple until I put it on, which was probably a good thing since it just made me realise that a deep purple was exactly what my nailpolish supply was missing. It also has some gold shimmer in it, so like the Nova I would also recommend a good dose of top coat.

Now the only decision is which one I will actually paint on all of my nails. Argh, decisions, decisions!

Polishes from this eBay store.

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